AMPUERO YUTRONIC is an Architecture and Design studio founded by Javier Ampuero Ernst and Catalina Yutronic. Developing their careers between Chile and United Kingdom they have built up more than a decade of experience, acquiring the high standards, rigour and productivity required by working at world leading architectural firms.

The practice works on a range of cultural and residential projects, bringing distinctive ideas, coherent simplicity and careful attention to detail. We use our expertise and skills to guide the project and the design team, always seeking to realise our client’s aspirations. Design quality and the functionality of spaces are primary attributes of our work. We are not bashful of creating a look or an aesthetic however we oppose fashion and trends.


From inception, our aim is to give a thoughtful view on the relationship between architecture, interior, furniture and product design to create projects with delicate transitions between these disciplines.

Our design approach is a thorough pursuit of the fundamental nature of form and space. Our buildings are designed to enrich and improve daily life and meet the diverse needs of the people using them. They should embrace their context, responding to the complex territories of cultural diversities trying to identify the key factors that help to define place and identity.


Design Ethos

We believe buildings and design is deeply rooted in the individual experience. It is brought to life by how people experience buildings and how buildings affect them. Our work seeks to reconnect people with their senses and the physical experience of their environment, achieving this through the careful use of pure and tactile materials, quality of light and space, resulting in a clear and timeless design.


Quality is connected to a set of values and is an open concept built on knowledge. It is a combination of aesthetics, technology, economy and environment in a working entity that characterises the quality of a successful design.

The strategic direction of the practice is set by the directors; Javier Ampuero, Catalina Yutronic and Andy Wakefield. Overseeing the day-to-day management, quality and the design ethos of the practice, they have the overall responsibility for every project, from the start of the design process through to construction drawings.

Collaboration & Research

Every project is approached with a fresh outlook and we are devoted to the idea of collaboration and exploration. We welcome opportunities to work with a multi-disciplinary team and cultural thinkers as we believe this makes our practice more resilient and intellectually exciting. Our concepts become meaningful through continuous dialogue, with communication as a prerequisite to achieve a carefully considered and exemplary project.

Wellness and Sustainability

We believe that good design should be intrinsically sustainable. It is also imperative we keep pace with the latest thoughts, evolution and technical developments in sustainable design. We aim to extend our capabilities further than simple environmental standards. We believe that prevailing thinking in current sustainability and design is going beyond the carbon footprint of a building or its energy efficiency to include the health of the occupants inside the building, or the ‘wellness factor’.

Catalina received an Architect degree from Universidad de Santiago de Chile and a Master of Renewable Energies and Architecture from the School of the Built Environment of Nottingham. She worked for The Manser Practice where became associate director and specialised in hospitality projects. She has mainly worked in projects in the UK and Chile.

Javier also holds an Architect degree from Universidad de Santiago de Chile and a Master of Renewable Energies and Architecture from the School of the Built Environment of Nottingham. His Professional background includes working at Simon Dance Design, Foster and Partners, Richard Rogers, David Chipperfield, and AHMM. Javier has an extensive experience in all aspects of cultural, commercial, residential and product design and has been working on projects in UK, USA, Russia, South Korea, Iceland and Chile.


AMPUERO YUTRONIC operates internationally.



Registered in England and Wales

No 11345960